New Year, New Attempt

Pretty much as the title of this post shows.

A new year, a new attempt.

When I first began this blog, I had started it with the hopes of it helping me in a few ways – though really the main goal of it was accountability with what I was eating and for my exercise.

It worked, at least for a little while.

I started it with the desire to lose somewhere in the vicinity of ten pounds.

Now, with 2015 over and 2016 just begun… I managed to go the complete and total opposite way of that goal.

Instead of losing, I gained.

Not cool.

But I can’t truly say that I’m mad at myself about it…well, maybe a little.

However I, and only I, was the one who decided ‘hey, I won’t care about this until again until after the holidays.’

Well…now it’s after the holidays and a brand new year to boot…time to pick myself up and try again.

Only now that 10 pounds I wanted to lose has morphed into 20.

I can do this.

I just need to start being more careful about the things I’m eating (a lot less junk, a lot more fresh fruits and veggies) and I have to really get myself back into physical exercise.

I need to stop letting myself get away with excuses like ‘oh I’m so tired’ and ‘there’s always tomorrow’.

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, but if I were to do one I think that would be the one I’d make: to stop making excuses.

2016 is a new start, and maybe that’s what I need again.

For tomorrow I’m going to stop back and really take a look at how I want to do this.

What foods am I going to cut from my diet? What foods do I really want to add to my diet? What type of exercise plan do I want to implement? What’s worked for me in the past? What new thing do I want to try this time?

I’ll do my best to figure that all out so that when Sunday, the day I consider to be the beginning of the week (well, it is on the calendars, anyway!) comes around I’ll be ready to start heading once again toward my goal.

In regards to the Photography portion of this blog, I hope to use this blog to improve on that as well.

It won’t be as prominent as the weightloss bits, but it will be there.

So…here’s to a fresh new year and also to new beginnings.

Even if they are sort of old-new beginnings. 🙂




August 23 – Sunday

Since I spent the night in NJ last night, it was another butt-crack-o’clock (4am….ewwwww) morning to get me to work.

It was also another day of Shakeology for breakfast! There are two servings in the blender…one for me, and one for Chris.

I also went and packed up some snacks/lunch to bring into work.

Blue container is natural peanut butter, green is celery. Red container is a few slices of ham. Round fruit is a peach. 🙂

However…just because I packed lunch…that somehow didn’t stop me from buying something else. Probably because my lunch bag was in the employee cooler in the back of the store and I was feeling semi-lazy at about the same time I was starting to feel hungry again, right around 8am.

During the course of the day I ate about half the celery with some of the peanut butter, the peach and the ham. The yogurt, as of right now, is still whole and in my fridge for tomorrow. 🙂

When I got home at 2:40-ish, a bowl of cereal sounded like a good idea. Some Special K Chocolate Strawberry with almond milk. I purchased the cereal because it sounded yummy (Chocolate? Strawberry? YUM!) but kind of found it pretty lacking. Bummer.

I ate something of a dinner at around 5pm. Two slices of deli sliced turkey on a bit of ciabatta with one slice of gouda. I even had dessert! A 90 calorie, FiberOne snack cake like thing.

At 7 I decided it was time for some exercise.

About a month ago my sister brought a used but perfectly fine working treadmill from a friend, and it’s been in our living room since. I used it today in one of it’s preset modes, a twenty minute long slow build up to 4mph, and then a decline back down. I got bored with the slower pace and amped it up a little to a speed of 4.5mph. I’ve found this to be my most comfortable jogging speed.

After the program ended I decided I wanted to go just a bit more jogging in manual, so put it back at 4.5 and continued on until I got bored going nowhere for another ten minutes.

All in all this indoor jog wasn’t as log as the jogs I’ve been doing with Chris, which are usually about 2miles; this one was 1.5. I just got bored moving in one spot…I need to find some good places to go when I’m in PA for jogging.

After the jog I decided I wasn’t quite done yet and did a few more random things.
Thirty seconds of mountain climbers.
Thirty seconds of ‘gorilla walking’.
Ten forward lunges on each leg.
Ten backward lunges on each leg.

…a lot of lower exercise. I really need to look up some good ab and upper body ones.

Anyway…after all that…this is what I looked like:

Sweaty, yes….gross…yes…BUT happy with myself for doing it!

Here’s my Fitbit look for the day. When I did the first round on the treadmill, I completely forgot to set the Fitbit to ‘record’ it as a workout, so the one you see there was the second one I did in manual mode.

August 22 – Saturday

Had one of my usual stand-by’s for breakfast! A banana, this time on a toasted oatmeal english muffin, with some peanut butter, cinnamon and honey.

Also, coffee with 2T of one of those creamers that I want/need to quit and two packets of Sugar in the raw.

I packed lunch to take with me to work today in an effort to not eat hot-food case junk and to save me the $5-$6 I would usually spend.

The green container houses fresh strawberries, and the red capped one beneath it plain greek yogurt (about 3/4c worth). The other container there is just four rolled up slices of deli slice turkey breast.

There is only one thing here that I did not eat today – the almonds. Well…and about half the yogurt.  Too much yogurt, not enough strawberry! lol

The following is just a cute picture of my cat, Baby. Since Wesley, my dog, is currently living with my boyfriend’s family for safety reasons…Baby-cat has been absolutely enjoying her new found monopoly of my lap space.

Poor Baby is kicking it back at home alone tonight, though, as I’ve returned to NJ and Chris and Wesley. I made the mistake of leaving my iphone charger cord here the other night, and goodness knows it’s impossible to go a day without a cell phone at hand.

The good news about this, on top of seeing my two favorite boys again, is that Chris and I went out jogging.

In this corner of NJ there are lots of trails around, trails that were one time part of the railroad systems. These trails are very well kept and gloriously flat and just PERFECT for jogging on.

And it’s also just gorgeous in general.

o, this isn’t the exact trail we jogged this time…but it’s one of my favorites. Now with summer slowly (PLEASE slowly…I’m not ready to switch just yet!) into fall and all the fall wildflowers coming out I plant on walking it solo again soon.

Overall, my day looked like this according to my Fitbit:

Oh! Diana, you asked where I work – no where special. A Weis supermarket.  I belong to the front end where the cashiers all are. I do a lot of walking back and forth up there, and to also help increase my steps and just general activity level I tend to park my vehicle as far from the entrance doors as I can get. 🙂

August 21 – Friday

Morning started out early, since I was leaving to work from Chris’ house in NJ. The good news is, is that since we starting doing the protein meal replacement shakes the day before, it made narrowing down a quick breakfast really easy.

The concoction we were drinking was comprised two scoops of the Shakeology powder, 1c  of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1c of this chai tea mix, 1 banana and some ice cubes.

It was delicious!

At work at about 8:30-ish I purchased a strawberry and blueberry parfait cup, and had some cottage cheese along with it. Also…coffee, sweetened with Splenda and lightened up with 3 coffeemate creamers.

The creamers in the coffee are a habit I want to quit, as I’m sure there’s nothing good for me in those helf-stable little false milks. I’m also wanting to switch out the Splenda for the more natural Stevia…or maybe even just go back to good ‘ol sugar.


AT about 10:30-11 I found myself feeling snacky again…and so this happened.

After that there was no more snacking at work – though the hot food case (usually stocked in the delicious bad-for-me things like mozzarella stick and chicken tenders…and on Friday’s store made pizzas) was calling my name pretty loudly by the time I was hitting the time clock. I did some shopping and am happy to say that I stuck to only the things I had intended to buy and that NO junk food made it into my cart – though it was a near thing.

Not picture as having been eaten is the banana that was eaten before I even left the parking lot at work.

Once at home I grabbed one of these guys…time was about 3pm at this point. Just ice water in the glass. 🙂

Next food shoved into my mouth was dinner at about 6:30pm…pan seared salmon and a microwaved cooked steamer pack of a Bird’s Eye brand vegetable mix. In the glass is some green tea sweetened with a teaspoon of splenda.

Lastly into my mouth, for dessert at 8:30 was a container of yogurt,enjoyed in front of my computer. Yummy!

There was no exercising today. Our summer days are already beginning to shorten, and I completely lost track of time.

Tomorrow is another day, one in which I hope to get my butt up and out to one of the local trails to jog there instead of just around my street block.

Anyway….my precious Fitbit is all recharged and back in action, and here’s what it had to say about my day up to the point of me blogging:


Ten Days Later

Ten days later and I completely, 100% fumbled the ball I had meant to pick up again.

I am so awful at this game.

Chris recently put his foot down, and started demanding that we get back into it. On Monday he even went and ordered up a type of meal replacement shake to try and help along some weight loss.

He tried his best to get me to go out jogging or to just do one of the videos…I declined…but made a deal with him.

When the products come in, I will start anew.

Yesterday, on Wednesday, the protein shake mixes arrived.

We went out jogging for the first time in too-many weeks…and it felt good.

I remembered that I actually enjoy doing it, and today I am looking forward to another go at it.

Tomorrow, I think I will attempt to get back to my iphone photography of any and all foods going into my mouth.

Hopefully, I won’t horrendously trip and fumble this ball again.

‘Fair’-ly Overdue

So on my last post, when I said ‘tomorrow’ I guess what I really meant was ‘in about a week.’

I’ve been very bad on all fronts lately…both this blog and the blog I run about my pooch, exercising and tracking the foods I’m eating.

I’ve dropped the ball hardcore, BUT no one ever said to drop it was the end. You can always pick it back up.

And so that’s what I’m going to do. Again.

I’ll pick it up and begin again right where I first dropped it.

At the Fair! Here are those photos I said I would share ‘tomorrow’.

This was our first look at the fair when my Mom and I went. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. Blue skies, clouds, not to hot or humid…perfect. We went on a Sunday and got there at about 4:30-5. It was pretty well attended! If you look in the left corner of this picture you can see some of the parking area. Lots of cars!

t the gate!

s I said, it was pretty well attended. All avenues of the fair were pretty well jam packed with people of all ages. Since it was around feeding time, the midway where all the food vendors are seemed to be most popular.

ne of my favorite things about the fair every year is a chainsaw sculptor. The sculptures are made by a father and son team from Minnesota, and their creations are more and more stunning every year!

Can you believe this was carved with a chainsaw?

ere’s a better look at some of the details of the bear’s face.

Here’s another carving:

nd a closer look at the raccoon’s face:

I’ve already warned Chris that when there is a home of our own at some point in the future, I demand one of these men’s artworks on our property!

And then of course, there were the animals!

I didn’t get as many decent pictures of the animals, but here are a few of my ‘these are ok enough’ ones.

Some very soft looks sheep:

r. Goat.

 prize winning silkie chicken…who would not for anything give me a decent photo. This is the best I could get.

ome of the other attractions include all the midway games. There were so many wonderful photos to be taken! I love watching the expressions on people’s faces, and badly want to capture these things…but I am so uncomfortable with the idea of street photography.

At one time, when my mother and I were eating, she struck up a conversation with an older couple and their young grandson.  The grandson’s eyes were the exact same as his grandfather’s. I came so close to asking if I could take their photo together (and of course offering them the photo as well), because it was a beautiful thing to see…but I shy’d out. The worst thing they could have done was say no, and I just couldn’t bear to ask and get shut down.

And I kick myself a week later for not asking. It was a beautiful thing, and I missed it.

But anyway…this giant prize bear caught my eye:

nother attraction of the fair? Cotton candy!

I really like these shots I took. There was a pain of glass/plastic between the worker and myself, so some of the fair lights are reflected.


nd speaking of lights…I just LOVE how all the rides look at night! I fiddled with some slower shutter photos to try and catch light trails. I’m sure with a tripod they would have been much more impressive.

BUT for no tripod? I think I held steady pretty good!



nd of course, a last look as we were leaving.

s always, I see TONS of room for improvement. There are things that just aren’t as clear and crisp as I desired, and some photos are not exposed quite correctly.

Hopefully, in due time, things to be bettered!

A few days behind…

…and I can’t even say I fully remember all that I have been munching on, because I haven’t been really snapping pictures or even writing down anything.

I think I started to feel a little silly with taking pictures of everything I was eating. If I was out somewhere I would be looking around to be sure no one was watching me and wondering about the crazy woman with the phone camera pointed at her food.

It shouldn’t matter, really, but for some reason I have always cared to much about what people think about what I’m doing. A bit of an insecure personality flaw of mine.

But anyway, as for some of the things I do recall eating, and some of what I’ve been up too…

For FRIDAY, JULY 31st:

When shopping the day before, I came across this new variety of cereal by Kashi –

– and being a fan of sweet potato (but honestly unsure of how much I would like it in a breakfast cereal) I had to pick it up to try. Verdit? VERY GOOD. I think this may have just knocked the previous mention Vanilla Island variety out of it’s top spot on my breakfast cereals list. I ate it when Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk.

I packed my lunch for work, but honestly don’t remember everything that I packed. I only remember this bit because there is a picture of it in my phone:

A single serving of cheese, weighted out on my food scale at home and whole wheat Ritz crackers. I didn’t eat the whole pack, just as many as there were slices of cheese. 🙂

I faltered this day. Walking back to the restrooms brings you right past our bakery sweets case – complete with brownies, monster muffins, donuts and cookies – and I made this walk numerous times before leaving that day.

Behold, my failure.

Cinnamon rolls are a huge weakness of mine, and my resistance level was pretty low this day. I just couldn’t not have one. Dang it!

I left work early, at around 12:30pm, to head to a doctors appointment.  After the cinnamon roll I had to redeem myself by something more healthy.

Shoprite and their sushi section to the rescue!

These little summer rolls are so good, I could eat them by the dozen! Of course I didn’t, and just stuck with one container. 🙂

While at the doctor’s (Remember I said I passed by the bakery sweet case many times on trips to the restroom? I suspected I had a UTI (sorry for oversharing!) and was correct.) I spoke with her a bit about what a healthy weight for me actually would be. She said that putting myself somewhere between 140-145 would put me within the healthy range on the BMI scale. Good to know!

I got home and did a bit of jogging around the block – two times around.

I believe I had one more thing to munch on – a yogurt:

My fitbit was on it’s last legs at this point, having not been charged in a few days. This is the last Fitbit report of my day that I currently have. Sadness:

ow for the next day SATURDAY, AUGUST 1st:

Breakfast started out with a full serving of non-fat greek yogurt (Chobani), one tablespoons of honey and a banana:

I also packed my lunch to take with me to work:

There are blueberries to go with the cottage cheese in the glass container. In the small blue container is hommus, and in the green a ripped up pita.

…other then the things pictured above…I honestly don’t remember anything else I ate. This is the day that I sort of stopped my photo taking of my foods. Bad move on my part.

I did make some zucchini bread, so I am sure I had a slice of that.

At this point my Fitbit was also 100% battery dead and with no way to charge. I DID, however, do about 15 minutes on the treadmill that my sister picked up a few days ago along with a few minutes (maybe ten?) of various floor exercises.


I was late, late LATE getting up for work so it was a rush around and GO morning. Since that was the case, I didn’t eat breakfast at home but by the time I got near to work my stomach was demanding food.

So…egg white delight from McDonald’s. Again.  Even though I was super late. BUT this time just one, with NO cheese and half the bread removed.

Later in the day I grabbed a nice sized apple to crunch on with a bottle of water.

I was very, very good at watching what I was putting my mouth on Monday because later on I had a date with my mother.

At the NJ State Fair!


Now, honestly, I was darn good here too! Despite being surrounded by all kinds of crazy delicious smelling foods (Blooming onions? Corn dogs? Gyros? Fried everything?!) when it came to dinner Mom and I hit up the boy scout booth.

She got herself a hotdog and a corn cob. I got a grilled chicken sandwich. We shared some nachos with chili and cheese. 🙂


A little later in the night, I had one more thing: a chocolate dipped vanilla ice cream cone.

Exercise was just all the walking we did at the fair. 🙂 And there was a LOT of walking.

And yes, I DID in fact bring my camera. 🙂

Tomorrow I will have a post up with some of the picture I took while there.