July 21st

July 21st started off ok food wise….or at least not terrible. I don’t think, anyway.  Sadly I’m not sure how well a Jimmy Dean pre-made, frozen breakfast sandwich fits into clean eating. It was one of those pop it in the microwave and go type deals, but beggars can’t be choosy when you are already running behind for work. It was also only about 250 calories all told so…no complaints.

I actually took food with me to work, half of a leftover panini from a dinner the night before. I have a real bad soft spot for panini’s…and the ‘Smokehouse’ made by Stop and Shop in Sparta is one of my favorites.  Made with ham, apple slices, toasted almonds, mango chutney and brie it is crazy delicious. Knowing what’s in it makes it easy to recreate, and so we did. We substituted Babybel cheese for the brie, and had no almonds but it was STILL delicious. Even a day later. 🙂 Probably ran me about 400 calories.

I was thirsty with the food and picked this up. It was tasty…but I think from here on out I’m going to be sticking with water. It just isn’t worth the extra calories…170!…or the fact that something in there made my throat all weird. I’m thinking it was the passion fruit juice, as that’s the one thing that I haven’t really had before.

After leaving work and feeling hungry, I opened the fridge at the boyfriend’s house and there was my cupcake from yesterday…but it looked different…

…Chris couldn’t help himself! When he got home, instead of eating something healthy we busted into the cupcake. I cut it into thirds…and oh boy frosting!

It got a little demolished before a proper photo was taken. I was a good girl and only ate 1/3 and actually picked around most of the frosting and only ate the cake…not that there was much actual cake! LOL

After a quick run to Stop and Shop for supplies we started dinner…which was Hawaiian Pork Burgers. Good, but not WOW good.  Ground pork mixed with ginger, allspice and green onions. Grilled and brushed with your choice of BBQ sauce. Top with grilled pineapple slices and ham. We put this concoction on 90 calorie rolls…Each burger probably averages at about 280-325 calories. Maybe.

Now here’s where we were bad…we did NOT do any exercise of any kind yesterday. We were both feeling pretty sore, and so decided it to be out one ‘rest’ day.

The good new is is that even without that, I still hit goals according to my Fitbit!

This is even low, actually, because it didn’t spend all day on my wrist tracking my every move like it usually does. The battery gave out sometime while at work, and I didn’t notice until I got back to NJ and went to sync it to my phone. From there on out it was off my wrist and plugged in until about 7:30p.

Not to bad for no exercise and not even tracking all my movements!


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