July 22nd

I am not sure what happened…but WordPress ate my original draft. Not cool WordPress, not cool.

So since I don’t feel like typing out a whole post again, you’re just going to get basics.

Breakfast was this:

Half of a Portuguese muffin with a bit of peanut butter, slice banana, cinnamon and some honey. Probably around 250-260 calories.

Food at work (which I purchased while at work was this:

230 calories for the Sambazon protein drink, and 180 for the balanced breaks: 410 calories at work.

No photo of this but when I got back to Chris’ house from work I ate up the last of the pork burgers from last night’s dinner. No roll, no ham topping…just the burger and the last two pineapple rings.

Dinner looked like this:

A thin, crispy crust pizza from Domino’s, with mushrooms and spinach. Now, cool fact about Domino’s that I didn’t know…they have a pretty nifty calorie calculator on their website: The Cal-O-Meter! According to Mr. Cal there…a serving of this particular pizza is 285 calories. What’s a serving size? 1/4 of the pizza! How awesome is that!

Now…here’s the bad part of the day…for the second day in a row there was no exercising. What a fail on our part!

Well, not ours…mine, really. But I do have a excuse good reason! I was looking through photos I had taken earlier in the afternoon and got completely, 100% distracted.

After all, at some point this little blog is also going to be used to show and work on my photography. Right now I’m thinking I’m going to try to dedicate at least two posts a week to it. I am thinking that they will probably be additional posts  to the these food/exercise log type ones because I don’t want to skip days on these.

I am thinking those two posts will be on Friday and Tuesday, starting with the first one tomorrow.

So…despite not actually exercising (but doing a lot of walking and wandering with my camera) what did July 22nd look like for me according to my Fitbit?

Not bad at all!


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