July 23rd

So I’ve decided there may be THREE posts today. I want to try and catch this blog up to ‘real time’ instead of being a day behind. So this post is for yesterday…there might be one more later tonight for today’s food and activities.

Yesterday, for July 23rd, I skipped breakfast. That’s pretty much  a cardinal sin when working on fitting up and losing weight…there is definite truth to it being the most important meal of the day…but I just wasn’t hungry. I’ll tell you what I did do…and what I made Chris do, too.

We got up early and went out jogging.  Our jog could have been longer…it was a nice, cool morning…but I cut it short. I caught sight of the lake and there was this beautiful morning fog swirling about on it and I badly wanted my camera. Things like that happen all the time, yes…but it would never be THAT particular way or look THAT same way again. I may have even gotten irritated with Chris when he couldn’t seem to understand my want to stop jogging right then and head back for my camera.

Well…I missed the fog that morning. Buy the time we finished the jog and I got the camera and hustled back it had disappeared to the morning sun.  I was sad about it, but soon got distracted by other things happening that morning.

BUT ANYWAY…there was no breakfast for me. There was something of a mid-morning snack – a banana with peanut butter. Probably around…150 calories.

Lunch time rolled around and I spent it with this handsome man at a little cafe type establishment.

For lunch he got a fish sandwich…and I ordered the grilled vegetable panini.

It was VERY delicious. I ended up eating only about half the sandwich because somehow the other half ended up in Chris’ stomach somehow missing.   I am completely unsure of what the calorie count on this would be. Salad was maybe…150? And for half the sandwich…maybe 200? How about we call it 350…maybe 400 to be safe? And call it a day.

Side note, it was a stunningly beautiful day with blue skys and big, fluffy clouds. Want proof? Here you go:

At some point in the afternoon I got back to the house and started snacking on some Goldfish crackers…about two handfuls worth.  Maybe about 200 cals?

And to wash them down, some of THE BEST coconut water EVER…which I am included as a beverage because it does have a bit of a calorie count. 112 for the whole bottle.

Dinner was another ordered from someplace meal. In my case a salad…a pork, pineapple and red pepper salad with balsamic dressing.

Sometime after dinner….we worked out again. Chris has these exercise video’s – Barry’s Bootcamp – with multiple different exercises. We did the upper body specific one. Since we’ve been doing so much jogging, and therefor lower body stuff, I wanted to switch it up a little!

After that it was out into their spa for a little bit, into the shower and then later to bed.

So…what’s my July 23rd look like according to my Fitbit?


2 thoughts on “July 23rd

  1. I would have eaten both sides of that veggie panini! Dang it looked good! You must live in a humid place? We get up early for a run but at least it isn’t humid.



    1. Oh I would have, too…but the sad puppy eyes I was getting from my better half won me over! LOL It’s not always so humid but for whatever reason this past week has been awful.


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