One Flower, Four Ways

My boyfriend’s mother, Donna, has a wonderful flowers garden in and around the pool area. I can, and have, spent a lot of time out there with my camera. I love trying to find different angle to look at the flowers and show them, and I LOVE watching how they look at different times of the day in varying light. Anyone who didn’t know me may think I’m crazy watching me watch immobile flowers for hours on end.

Usually I don’t play with the various settings on my camera too much, I just don’t really know enough to be that advanced. Mind you I almost always shoot in full manual mode (unless I get very frustrated, am feeling extremely lazy,  or am just curious about what settings the camera itself would suggest to use), but I don’t set my own white balance or play with the other digital settings. Now and then I’ll maybe shoot in black and white…but that’s about it.

I decided to play with those settings a little the other day, to see the various difference between the modes.

Now when I switched the modes of the camera, I DID NOT switch any other settings (ISO, Shutter Speed or Aperture. My focal distance remained the same, with perhaps slight differences just due to my own movements.) .

Normally I shoot in ‘Vivid’ mode:

I am well used to the brighter colors it produces…but I never really realized just HOW bright they actually were compared to, say, ‘standard’ mode:DSC_5076edit

I really like the more ‘natural’ colors this produced and made a note to use it a bit more often. Next up was ‘Neutral’:

ow, washed out. It made me think of an older photograph, and I could maybe see myself using it now and then if I were looking for something like that.

Finally, ‘monochrome’:

I LOVE black and whites, and it really is such a fun mode to play in. My camera allows me to chose just which color I’d like to use. I’ve occasionally used the brown-ish, or sepia tints but mainly stick to plain’ ol black and white.

It’s just so classic. 🙂


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