July 24th

The 24th of July started out with, once again, my favorite quick breakfast: half of a Portuguese muffin, smeared with half a tablespoon of peanut butter, covered with sliced banana and then drizzled with honey and sprinkled heavily with cinnamon. I only ate half, Chris got the other half. 🙂

Side Note: The sky in the morning was very pretty. Proof:

I had stopped at the bank to get some money out of the ATM and had to stop for an extra minutes to snap a quick picture and just admire. 🙂

At work at around 8-ish (I get into work at 6am) there was a snack of a Sargento Colby-Jack cheese stick and a handful (about a quarter cup) of mixed nuts.

At around 12-ish there was a 15 minute lunch break, purchased at work. Not being a big fan of bread I pulled off half the bread on each sandwich half.

I keep on saying I want to stop purchasing food at work, and now and then I succeed. Not only would it save me from giving back all my paycheck to those who gave it to me money, but I wouldn’t have to wonder about all the extras in the food I’m eating. So far, I am pretty much failing at clean eating.

After work, another fail. It was hot and I was weak and really really craving soft serve ice cream something awful. I got a small sized cup of soft serve vanilla, topped with strawberry.

For the record, it absolutely hit the spot and was delicious.

Got to Chris’, hung around a little and then headed back out with camera in hand. You see, there’s this little field of sunflowers beside the road. I did take a bunch of pictures, which will show up on Tuesday’s photography-related post, but for now have a teaser.

I really do like the pictures I took yesterday…but the more I look at them the more I see things that I can work on fixing…but that’s a tale for Tuesday!

Dinner was another sort of fail of the day…but not as bad as it could have been: pizza. To be specific, this pizza:

A margarita pie from a local favorite pizzeria. The good news is…I was very good and only had one slice. The bad news is is that it was still pizza and something I really wish I could say ‘No, thank you.’ too.

And the last fail? Again with the no exercise.

We were going to go for our usual jog…but a nice sized black bear hanging around the end of the driveway stopped that plan. We could have done the exercise video…but…well…no excuse. We just didn’t.

We are awful fitness wanna-be’s.

So, how did my day look according to my Fitbit?


6 thoughts on “July 24th

  1. So many things to say . . . first of all I love that photo of the flowers! And the ice cream? Well, I totally understand its lure (as you would know if I posted yesterday and probably again tonight lol). And a bear at the driveway? Now I am wondering where you live?? That would cause me to reroute my course for sure! And you have a Fitbit too?? Send us over a friend request (do you belong to the Fitbit community on Facebook?). I am up 2 pounds so I am living up to the title of my blog. 10 again, my story!



    1. I have a bunch more sunflower photos to post…but that’s for Tuesday! I live in the tri-state area of NY, NJ and PA. There is actually a spot around marking where all three states touch…so you can be in three places at once! I am not on the Fitbit Facebook community, but now that you’ve mentioned it I may check it out.


  2. That pizza looks delicious! I was bad and had pizza on Friday…6 pieces worth (I have a fast metabolism and I did work out before, but still! So unhealthy). I really like the sunflower picture!

    (dachshund mommy)


    1. Oh believe me…it WAS delicious. LOL And that’s the whole stupid problem. There isn’t a lot of cheese on it, so it’s not AS bad as it could be…but still something I wish I could stay away from. Lucky you with your metabolism…jealous!


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