July 25…AND July 26

So since I skipped out on posting yesterday today I’m going to attempt to smash the last two days into this post. Also…not a lot of photo recording…just a lot of words.

So….starting with SATURDAY, JULY 25TH

Breakfast was totally delicious eggs, made for me by my wonderful Christopher.

I skipped out on the bread, allowing him to have that bit along with about half the eggs for himself. Really…these eggs are so good…and easy! Apparently they are cooked at a low heat, with a bit of creme fraiche added at the end to keep them creamy. So, SO good.

At work I munched on a nice big organic red delicious apple and a handful or so of mixed nuts.

Getting back to the house…and honestly? I do not at all recall what else I ate that day…and I took no additional photos….which is bad. Bad, bad accountability on my part.

Exercise for Saturday was 15 minutes spent on the elliptical in manual mode.

And this is what Saturday looked like, Fitbit style:

And now onto SUNDAY, JULY 26th …

No delicious eggs this morning…just a yogurt to get me on my way.

The yogurt, despite it’s 12 grams of protein, didn’t really do much for me and by the time I was getting to work at 6am I was hungry again…


Dunking Donuts veggie egg white flatbread. When I’ve gotten these in the past I’ve asked for them to hold the cheese…and they do…but this time I forgot to ask. Bad me.

Had some more mixed nuts at work later.

Got back to Chris’ in NJ and had a banana, a bunch of Balsamic vinegar and basil Triscuts (which are completely delicious and crazy addicting, by the way!) and two Sargento Colby-Jack cheese sticks.

Later on there was a bit of salmon topped with herbs and bread crumbs. And even later then that a spoonful or two of non-dairy ice cream. This one, specifically.

I blame Chris.


No exercise this day…

But…this is what my Fitbit says about things.

For wanting to eat clean…I do an AWFUL job. 😦 I’m not throwing in the hat…but I have to find a way to stop going for all the ‘convenient’ foods (COUGHDUNKINDONUTSPIZZACOUGH) and get more into making my own.


2 thoughts on “July 25…AND July 26

  1. I quit added sugars (except for things like greek yogurt, peanut butter, natural jellies, ect) in January, and that was the best thing I could have ever done with eating clean. The first month was absolutely brutal, but after you essentially detox, you don’t want to junky food. Fruits and yogurts become desserts, and it’s so much easier to actually want to eat good foods. It’s wound up saving me money, too!
    Those eggs look so delicious!


  2. Those eggs do look very tasty!
    The joys of commuting in to London of a morning means that my ftibit tells me I’ve done 20 stairs before I actually get to the office…can that really be true?


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