July 28th


Started out breakfast with eggs made by Chris again…creamy and delicious – AND this time I made him show me the actual  process! I’d tell you about it…but I think the originator of the recipe would do a better job.

Anyway! Breakfast was eggs, and immediately after I grabbed my camera and went for a little walk around the lake area. The other day Chris and I got up and went jogging, and I got upset because there was a beautiful fog hanging around the surface of the water that I didn’t get to photograph. This morning was a little similar, and I was not going to miss it.  I even got lucky, and there was a heron hanging around.

…I wish I had a more powerful lens! I would have loved to zoom in closer on this beautiful creature, but this is as close as it gets for me. I couldn’t even physically get closer; I’ve decided that I must sound like a bear when walking down the path, because this bird alerted to me long before I got even this close. Soon as I snapped this shot I moved to attempt a different position…and off it flew. Oh well. I am actually pretty ok with this, I LOVE how I was able to frame the bird in the leaves! As usually technically it’s NOT a great photo…but I still really love how it came out.

Here’s one more from my lake walk – I couldn’t resist the sun coming through the trees onto the path:


A little later was snack time – a yummy banana!

Yes, the little dog with the begging eyes got a bit, too.

When lunch time rolled around I headed out. First I stopped at Shoprite, where they have a fresh sushi counter. I picked up two of these:

….and also two of these:

And then went and had lunch with Chris. We just ate in my car in the parking lot of his work so he could stay close should a computer blow up or something (he’s an IT administrator for  a medical office, and there has been a few issues lately.).

Got back to his house, and made some zucchini bread (gluten-free!) with the GIANT MONSTER zucchini that came from his mother’s garden. The thing was longer then my forearm…thicker too!

These two loaves took 3cups of shredded zucchini…and there is still plenty left over from the one squash (maybe another 3 or 4 cups?)….along with four others. Yikes. What to do with it all?!

When the bread came out of the oven it smelled so good…I HAD to get out of the house or risk eating it all. So I took the little dog and out for a walk around the lake we went.

It was a hot, sunny day so we only took the path around the lake. It’s shaded and since it’s not paved the ground was much cooler for the pooch’s paws.

Of course once we got back into the house the call of the fresh-made zucchini bread was just to strong and a piece was eaten for ‘taste-testing’ reasons.

Chris Mom had gone out shopping, and when she came back she had this with her:

A handful of them later and it was decided that yes, they DO taste like a NY Ruben sandwich. Which I was tasting still hours later. Ugh.

Dinner was, to start, a bit of salad and a half a corn on the cob. No butter on the corn, just a little salt. The salad was one of those pre-prepared bagged ones where everything is included. I think this is the Endless Summer bag…and it is SO very good. Love it. There was no butter put on my corn, just a little bit (VERY little bit) of salt.

After that…a turkey taco! Soft-shelled…I’m not a fan of the hard shell tacos.   

Not a very appetizing photo…I totally failed. It was good, and that was all I could do before pretty much shoving the rest of it in my mouth. Appologies!

Later on there was fitness-video doing. Barry’s Boot Camp, the arms and upper body workout. Here’s what that looked like for me:

And here’s how the day overall looked:

I need to work on being better about my active minutes. I want to try shooting for something like an hour overall each day. There is a gym locally that I’m thinking of getting some day passes for, just to see how I like it. They offer a few different fitness classes, as well as a nutritionist and personal trainer. I think it would be handy to see what advice could be offered by the trainer for the areas I really want to work on, and I am very interested in taking a beginner yoga class.  Their yoga I classes happen on Tuesday mornings, but I chickened out on doing it yesterday. I’m hoping to be able to build my courage and try to really psych myself up to go for the next coming class.

Anyone out there do yoga? If you do, what things should I have with me to be able to participate in this class? Do I need to bring my own mat or anything, do you think?


3 thoughts on “July 28th

  1. Great job on journaling you day! I would like to see those lake photos larger though as they look quite beautiful. Yes, you should go to the yoga class. I have only been to a few. Generally they have mats you can use but you can pick one up fairly cheap at a discount store or Walmart. No sense sharing sweat with someone else if you don’t have to risk it. Straps and blocks are nice but I wouldn’t buy them until you know you will do it again. You might want to take water and a towel to wipe off sweat. Two things I would suggest: First of all, stop by the class and meet the teacher ahead of time and let him/her know you are nervous about attending. This visit will likely put you totally at ease. Secondly, when you dress for the class, wear a sports bra and a LONG top, one that you won’t have to keep pulling back down as you change positions. Looking forward to the report.



    1. The pictures you should (if I did it right!) be able to click on and have it come up in a new window. Click the phot again and it should go full size. Thank you for the suggestions on the yoga stuff…I am really, really wanting to try. They do other yoga classes through the week with the same teachers – I may stop in later today after a class and talk to one of them.


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