July 29th

Remember that zucchini bread I mentioned making yesterday? Yeah, that was breakfast. I actually put a bit of coconut oil in a pan, then fried up each side of a few slices of the zucchini bread so they were warm and golden-crispy on the outside.

Then I put about a teaspoon-ish of Nutella (well…Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut butter, really!) some sliced banana and then some sliced strawberry. I made four of these…I ate one…Chris ate three. LOL

Seems a bit more like dessert then breakfast, doesn’t it? Oh well!

Since  I did only eat one, it didn’t take much longer for me to be hungry again, so I reached for this Chia Pod thing I had gotten from the dairy section of Shoprite the day before. Chia, from what I’m seeing everywhere, is one of those superfoods that’s supposed to be AMAZBALLS for you and I thought I’d give it a shot…


Opening it up it really, really didn’t look all that appetizing…  

Putting it on the spoon didn’t help matters. To me, it looked like a cup full of fresh frog’s eggs…bravely I put it in my mouth thinking it couldn’t be that bad.

Mistake. You know how I said it looked like frog’s eggs? Well…it FELT exactly how I though frog’s eggs might feel should you try to ingest them as well. Like lots of little balls of slime. GROSS.

It promptly went into the garbage. Thankfully,  I had picked up a few greek yogurts as well and had one of those instead. Well, semi normal. It was a Vanilla Yoplait Greek Plenti yogurt, so it had whole grain oats, flax and pumpkin seeds mixed in. It was good…but I really think I’d prefer to add those things in on my own. The seeds were a bit soft from sitting in the yogurt – I could see them being better fresh-added so they had more crunch!

Then came exercise! Chris’ workout videos are generally 20 minutes long each workout, except for the ‘specialist’ workouts. Specialist workouts are 12 minutes each and are meant to target one specific area of the body at a time. Since we had done the upper body 20 minute workout last night, and since I didn’t know where his second DVD with the lower body was, I went with the abs specialist 12 minute workout.
Not to bad, right? Well, hope not!

A little while later lunch was half of a Cuban panini, purchased from Stop&Shop the day before. Being super hungry I had take a bite or two before remembering about pictures. Half the bread was pulled off, as usual, since I’m just not a bread person.

Went out for awhile to some store in town…ended up getting a nice little sport dress from Kohl’s on clearence…$4.50!! I was thrilled because there were dinner plans with family for later.

Once I got back to the house with my find …there was more exercise! Now usually, as you’ve maybe noted, Chris and I will go out jogging late afternoon early evening – sometime between 7 and 7:30 mostly – but today I wasn’t sure that would happen as we were to go out to dinner with my mother, my sister and her boyfriend around that time. Chris wasn’t back yet, so I decided to be brave and solo it in the 90 degree heat – thank goodness at least the humidity was low!

About halfway around the lake I run into a woman walking her dog who warned me: Watch out for the bear!

Well…I’m not ashamed to say I did an about-face and cut my jog short after that. I am a little shamed to say my jog was more a half-and-half type thing with almost equal walking to jogging. Well…walking prior to my run in with the warning woman. LOL


Got back in the house, grabbed a quick shower and then spiffed up for the impending dinner.


It was a belated dinner for my recently-passed birthday, so I got to choose place of eating and I went with a favorite: Red Lobster. How do you go wrong with seafood?! :0)

Dinner for me started with a bowl of salad with red wine vinaigrette dressing, and a cheddar bay biscuit. Previous to arriving at the dinner I told myself I would only have ONE of those goodies, and I’m glad to report I only had one… and a half. So close!

Dinner was this:

Wood grilled salmon, shrimp and a petite Maine lobster tail with green onions and roasted potatoes. Come to find out…I don’t like lobster. So half went to my mother, and half to my other half. I also shared half the shrimp with Chris. The green beans I greedily kept for myself, same with the potatoes. The salmon I also only ate half of.

Now, why would I do that?


An apple crostada with ice cream and caramel sauce. Also, notice the candle? My sweet, darling sister ratted me out early on at the restaurant.

Waitress: And what brings you here to-
Sister: -immediately points a finger at me across the table- It’s HER birthday. Her THIRTIETH birthday!

Little brat!

The dessert was, as everything else is, shared with Chris. LOL

And that was about the end of the night, for both food and exercise stuff.

My Fitbit ruling of the day?

I notice that my FitBit needs charging…but I left the charger at Chris’ (I have since come back to PA for a time).



One thought on “July 29th

  1. I am not a fan of chia either. I bought some once and when I took a little spoonful of it, just to taste it, it gummed up in my mouth and had a nasty texture. As for feeling shamed over the run/walk combo, you should never feel ashamed as long as you are moving forward! I would not even try to run at 90 degrees and I have a feeling that my definition of low humidity (less than 10 percent) is very different from yours. I would have eating all the bread on the pannini of course!



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