A few days behind…

…and I can’t even say I fully remember all that I have been munching on, because I haven’t been really snapping pictures or even writing down anything.

I think I started to feel a little silly with taking pictures of everything I was eating. If I was out somewhere I would be looking around to be sure no one was watching me and wondering about the crazy woman with the phone camera pointed at her food.

It shouldn’t matter, really, but for some reason I have always cared to much about what people think about what I’m doing. A bit of an insecure personality flaw of mine.

But anyway, as for some of the things I do recall eating, and some of what I’ve been up too…

For FRIDAY, JULY 31st:

When shopping the day before, I came across this new variety of cereal by Kashi –

– and being a fan of sweet potato (but honestly unsure of how much I would like it in a breakfast cereal) I had to pick it up to try. Verdit? VERY GOOD. I think this may have just knocked the previous mention Vanilla Island variety out of it’s top spot on my breakfast cereals list. I ate it when Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk.

I packed my lunch for work, but honestly don’t remember everything that I packed. I only remember this bit because there is a picture of it in my phone:

A single serving of cheese, weighted out on my food scale at home and whole wheat Ritz crackers. I didn’t eat the whole pack, just as many as there were slices of cheese. ๐Ÿ™‚

I faltered this day. Walking back to the restrooms brings you right past our bakery sweets case – complete with brownies, monster muffins, donuts and cookies – and I made this walk numerous times before leaving that day.

Behold, my failure.

Cinnamon rolls are a huge weakness of mine, and my resistance level was pretty low this day. I just couldn’t not have one. Dang it!

I left work early, at around 12:30pm, to head to a doctors appointment. ย After the cinnamon roll I had to redeem myself by something more healthy.

Shoprite and their sushi section to the rescue!

These little summer rolls are so good, I could eat them by the dozen! Of course I didn’t, and just stuck with one container. ๐Ÿ™‚

While at the doctor’s (Remember I said I passed by the bakery sweet case many times on trips to the restroom? I suspected I had a UTI (sorry for oversharing!) and was correct.) I spoke with her a bit about what a healthy weight for me actually would be. She said that putting myself somewhere between 140-145 would put me within the healthy range on the BMI scale. Good to know!

I got home and did a bit of jogging around the block – two times around.

I believe I had one more thing to munch on – a yogurt:

My fitbit was on it’s last legs at this point, having not been charged in a few days. This is the last Fitbit report of my day that I currently have. Sadness:

ow for the next day SATURDAY, AUGUST 1st:

Breakfast started out with a full serving of non-fat greek yogurt (Chobani), one tablespoons of honey and a banana:

I also packed my lunch to take with me to work:

There are blueberries to go with the cottage cheese in the glass container. In the small blue container is hommus, and in the green a ripped up pita.

…other then the things pictured above…I honestly don’t remember anything else I ate. This is the day that I sort of stopped my photo taking of my foods. Bad move on my part.

I did make some zucchini bread, so I am sure I had a slice of that.

At this point my Fitbit was also 100% battery dead and with no way to charge. I DID, however, do about 15 minutes on the treadmill that my sister picked up a few days ago along with a few minutes (maybe ten?) of various floor exercises.


I was late, late LATE getting up for work so it was a rush around and GO morning. Since that was the case, I didn’t eat breakfast at home but by the time I got near to work my stomach was demanding food.

So…egg white delight from McDonald’s. Again. ย Even though I was super late. BUT this time just one, with NO cheese and half the bread removed.

Later in the day I grabbed a nice sized apple to crunch on with a bottle of water.

I was very, very good at watching what I was putting my mouth on Monday because later on I had a date with my mother.

At the NJ State Fair!


Now, honestly, I was darn good here too! Despite being surrounded by all kinds of crazy delicious smelling foods (Blooming onions? Corn dogs? Gyros? Fried everything?!) when it came to dinner Mom and I hit up the boy scout booth.

She got herself a hotdog and a corn cob. I got a grilled chicken sandwich. We shared some nachos with chili and cheese. ๐Ÿ™‚


A little later in the night, I had one more thing: a chocolate dipped vanilla ice cream cone.

Exercise was just all the walking we did at the fair. ๐Ÿ™‚ And there was a LOT of walking.

And yes, I DID in fact bring my camera. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tomorrow I will have a post up with some of the picture I took while there.


2 thoughts on “A few days behind…

  1. Yah I know the feeling of taking pictures and looking around lol Sounds like you did good though. Our fair is this week….so I hafta behave myself. I just look at all that grease and it freaks me out Ha! Ill bring my water and maybe get an ice cream cone. I love the snow cones cuz they are all ice, plus it keeps me cool.



  2. You did a better job tracking than I did! We went to the fair too. Took the grandkids. Damage wasn’t too bad (calorie wise) yet I feel like I have a tumor on my stomach. So unfair . . .



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