‘Fair’-ly Overdue

So on my last post, when I said ‘tomorrow’ I guess what I really meant was ‘in about a week.’

I’ve been very bad on all fronts lately…both this blog and the blog I run about my pooch, exercising and tracking the foods I’m eating.

I’ve dropped the ball hardcore, BUT no one ever said to drop it was the end. You can always pick it back up.

And so that’s what I’m going to do. Again.

I’ll pick it up and begin again right where I first dropped it.

At the Fair! Here are those photos I said I would share ‘tomorrow’.

This was our first look at the fair when my Mom and I went. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. Blue skies, clouds, not to hot or humid…perfect. We went on a Sunday and got there at about 4:30-5. It was pretty well attended! If you look in the left corner of this picture you can see some of the parking area. Lots of cars!

t the gate!

s I said, it was pretty well attended. All avenues of the fair were pretty well jam packed with people of all ages. Since it was around feeding time, the midway where all the food vendors are seemed to be most popular.

ne of my favorite things about the fair every year is a chainsaw sculptor. The sculptures are made by a father and son team from Minnesota, and their creations are more and more stunning every year!

Can you believe this was carved with a chainsaw?

ere’s a better look at some of the details of the bear’s face.

Here’s another carving:

nd a closer look at the raccoon’s face:

I’ve already warned Chris that when there is a home of our own at some point in the future, I demand one of these men’s artworks on our property!

And then of course, there were the animals!

I didn’t get as many decent pictures of the animals, but here are a few of my ‘these are ok enough’ ones.

Some very soft looks sheep:

r. Goat.

 prize winning silkie chicken…who would not for anything give me a decent photo. This is the best I could get.

ome of the other attractions include all the midway games. There were so many wonderful photos to be taken! I love watching the expressions on people’s faces, and badly want to capture these things…but I am so uncomfortable with the idea of street photography.

At one time, when my mother and I were eating, she struck up a conversation with an older couple and their young grandson.  The grandson’s eyes were the exact same as his grandfather’s. I came so close to asking if I could take their photo together (and of course offering them the photo as well), because it was a beautiful thing to see…but I shy’d out. The worst thing they could have done was say no, and I just couldn’t bear to ask and get shut down.

And I kick myself a week later for not asking. It was a beautiful thing, and I missed it.

But anyway…this giant prize bear caught my eye:

nother attraction of the fair? Cotton candy!

I really like these shots I took. There was a pain of glass/plastic between the worker and myself, so some of the fair lights are reflected.


nd speaking of lights…I just LOVE how all the rides look at night! I fiddled with some slower shutter photos to try and catch light trails. I’m sure with a tripod they would have been much more impressive.

BUT for no tripod? I think I held steady pretty good!



nd of course, a last look as we were leaving.

s always, I see TONS of room for improvement. There are things that just aren’t as clear and crisp as I desired, and some photos are not exposed quite correctly.

Hopefully, in due time, things to be bettered!


3 thoughts on “‘Fair’-ly Overdue

  1. Thats right. You just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and begin again!! It happens to all of us from time to time. Fairs are so much fun and ours starts tomorrow. I am taking 2 grandkids on Friday so I will get steps in that day with a fun way. All the food looks good and it will be hard to not eat it. I have a weekness for that salty/sweet popcorn….not really what I need. I am hoping to find snowcanes cuz it is ice!!! lol
    Great pictures too.



  2. There were a few things I strongly identified with to the point I had to laugh. By tomorrow I mean next week. That cracked me up. It is so me! Funny how we are all “getting back to it”. As frustrating as it is to “get back to it” time and time again, I think that it is so much better than the alternative of giving up. We went to the fair too but we took the grandkids so it was a totally different experience (but possibly the most fun the fair has ever been). Hang in there!



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