Ten Days Later

Ten days later and I completely, 100% fumbled the ball I had meant to pick up again.

I am so awful at this game.

Chris recently put his foot down, and started demanding that we get back into it. On Monday he even went and ordered up a type of meal replacement shake to try and help along some weight loss.

He tried his best to get me to go out jogging or to just do one of the videos…I declined…but made a deal with him.

When the products come in, I will start anew.

Yesterday, on Wednesday, the protein shake mixes arrived.

We went out jogging for the first time in too-many weeks…and it felt good.

I remembered that I actually enjoy doing it, and today I am looking forward to another go at it.

Tomorrow, I think I will attempt to get back to my iphone photography of any and all foods going into my mouth.

Hopefully, I won’t horrendously trip and fumble this ball again.


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