August 21 – Friday

Morning started out early, since I was leaving to work from Chris’ house in NJ. The good news is, is that since we starting doing the protein meal replacement shakes the day before, it made narrowing down a quick breakfast really easy.

The concoction we were drinking was comprised two scoops of the Shakeology powder, 1c  of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1c of this chai tea mix, 1 banana and some ice cubes.

It was delicious!

At work at about 8:30-ish I purchased a strawberry and blueberry parfait cup, and had some cottage cheese along with it. Also…coffee, sweetened with Splenda and lightened up with 3 coffeemate creamers.

The creamers in the coffee are a habit I want to quit, as I’m sure there’s nothing good for me in those helf-stable little false milks. I’m also wanting to switch out the Splenda for the more natural Stevia…or maybe even just go back to good ‘ol sugar.


AT about 10:30-11 I found myself feeling snacky again…and so this happened.

After that there was no more snacking at work – though the hot food case (usually stocked in the delicious bad-for-me things like mozzarella stick and chicken tenders…and on Friday’s store made pizzas) was calling my name pretty loudly by the time I was hitting the time clock. I did some shopping and am happy to say that I stuck to only the things I had intended to buy and that NO junk food made it into my cart – though it was a near thing.

Not picture as having been eaten is the banana that was eaten before I even left the parking lot at work.

Once at home I grabbed one of these guys…time was about 3pm at this point. Just ice water in the glass. 🙂

Next food shoved into my mouth was dinner at about 6:30pm…pan seared salmon and a microwaved cooked steamer pack of a Bird’s Eye brand vegetable mix. In the glass is some green tea sweetened with a teaspoon of splenda.

Lastly into my mouth, for dessert at 8:30 was a container of yogurt,enjoyed in front of my computer. Yummy!

There was no exercising today. Our summer days are already beginning to shorten, and I completely lost track of time.

Tomorrow is another day, one in which I hope to get my butt up and out to one of the local trails to jog there instead of just around my street block.

Anyway….my precious Fitbit is all recharged and back in action, and here’s what it had to say about my day up to the point of me blogging:



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