August 22 – Saturday

Had one of my usual stand-by’s for breakfast! A banana, this time on a toasted oatmeal english muffin, with some peanut butter, cinnamon and honey.

Also, coffee with 2T of one of those creamers that I want/need to quit and two packets of Sugar in the raw.

I packed lunch to take with me to work today in an effort to not eat hot-food case junk and to save me the $5-$6 I would usually spend.

The green container houses fresh strawberries, and the red capped one beneath it plain greek yogurt (about 3/4c worth). The other container there is just four rolled up slices of deli slice turkey breast.

There is only one thing here that I did not eat today – the almonds. Well…and about half the yogurt.  Too much yogurt, not enough strawberry! lol

The following is just a cute picture of my cat, Baby. Since Wesley, my dog, is currently living with my boyfriend’s family for safety reasons…Baby-cat has been absolutely enjoying her new found monopoly of my lap space.

Poor Baby is kicking it back at home alone tonight, though, as I’ve returned to NJ and Chris and Wesley. I made the mistake of leaving my iphone charger cord here the other night, and goodness knows it’s impossible to go a day without a cell phone at hand.

The good news about this, on top of seeing my two favorite boys again, is that Chris and I went out jogging.

In this corner of NJ there are lots of trails around, trails that were one time part of the railroad systems. These trails are very well kept and gloriously flat and just PERFECT for jogging on.

And it’s also just gorgeous in general.

o, this isn’t the exact trail we jogged this time…but it’s one of my favorites. Now with summer slowly (PLEASE slowly…I’m not ready to switch just yet!) into fall and all the fall wildflowers coming out I plant on walking it solo again soon.

Overall, my day looked like this according to my Fitbit:

Oh! Diana, you asked where I work – no where special. A Weis supermarket.  I belong to the front end where the cashiers all are. I do a lot of walking back and forth up there, and to also help increase my steps and just general activity level I tend to park my vehicle as far from the entrance doors as I can get. 🙂


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