August 23 – Sunday

Since I spent the night in NJ last night, it was another butt-crack-o’clock (4am….ewwwww) morning to get me to work.

It was also another day of Shakeology for breakfast! There are two servings in the blender…one for me, and one for Chris.

I also went and packed up some snacks/lunch to bring into work.

Blue container is natural peanut butter, green is celery. Red container is a few slices of ham. Round fruit is a peach. šŸ™‚

However…just because I packed lunch…that somehow didn’t stop me from buying something else. Probably because my lunch bag was in the employee cooler in the back of the store and I was feeling semi-lazy at about the same time I was starting to feel hungry again, right around 8am.

During the course of the day I ate about half the celery with some of the peanut butter, the peach and the ham. The yogurt, as of right now, is still whole and in my fridge for tomorrow. šŸ™‚

When I got home at 2:40-ish, a bowl of cereal sounded like a good idea. Some Special K Chocolate Strawberry with almond milk. I purchased the cereal because it sounded yummy (Chocolate? Strawberry? YUM!) but kind of found it pretty lacking. Bummer.

I ate something of a dinner at around 5pm. Two slices of deli sliced turkey on a bit of ciabatta with one slice of gouda. I even had dessert! A 90 calorie, FiberOne snack cake like thing.

At 7 I decided it was time for some exercise.

About a month ago my sister brought a used but perfectly fine working treadmill from a friend, and it’s been in our living room since. I used it today in one of it’s preset modes, a twenty minute long slow build up to 4mph, and then a decline back down. I got bored with the slower pace and amped it up a little to a speed of 4.5mph. I’ve found this to be my most comfortable jogging speed.

After the program ended I decided I wanted to go just a bit more jogging in manual, so put it back at 4.5 and continued on until I got bored going nowhere for another ten minutes.

All in all this indoor jog wasn’t as log as the jogs I’ve been doing with Chris, which are usually about 2miles; this one was 1.5. I just got bored moving in one spot…I need to find some good places to go when I’m in PA for jogging.

After the jog I decided I wasn’t quite done yet and did a few more random things.
Thirty seconds of mountain climbers.
Thirty seconds of ‘gorilla walking’.
Ten forward lunges on each leg.
Ten backward lunges on each leg.

…a lot of lower exercise. I really need to look up some good ab and upper body ones.

Anyway…after all that…this is what I looked like:
Ā Ā 

Sweaty, yes….gross…yes…BUT happy with myself for doing it!

Here’s my Fitbit look for the day. When I did the first round on the treadmill, I completely forgot to set the Fitbit to ‘record’ it as a workout, so the one you see there was the second one I did in manual mode.


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