So let’s start with the basics.

My name is Amanda, and I am 30 years old as of the start of this blog (July 2015). I live in Pennsylvania, but frequently travel into the neighboring state of New Jersey to spend time with the love of the life, Chris. We have one ‘furkid’ together, a minature parti-colored poodle by the name of Wesley (who even has a blog all his own here.), who lives with me.

My reasons for starting this blog are simple: improvement.

So, what are my true goals here?

1.) Food: I don’t eat too terribly as it is, but there is certainly room to improve my eating habits. I am looking to start more ‘clean eating’ : more fresh homemade foods, more fruits, more veggies…more healthy, good for me things. To this end there will  probably be a good amount of recipes shared.

2.) Fitness: I admit…I am NOT the most fit. I am a lot more fit then I used to be – once upon a time I weighted 240lbs. I lost a lot of that weight in the early-mid 2000s after meeting Chris, and becoming inspired by his own weight-loss (because he to was heavy for many years).  As of the start of this blog I am weighing in at 147lbs, with a goal weight of 130. Weight isn’t the only thing I’m looking to improve…I want to generally feel more fit. I want to tone up some of my already lose skin as I go, and gain some more strength in my arms and legs. Just generally I want to ‘fit-up’ all over, as much as I can.

3.) Photography:  I feel that I am goood at it…but would like to improve it to better. Currently I do a lot of photos of things like flowers and bugs…and of course food (which you will probably see a lot of.) I am hoping to attempt some actual portrait photography in the future with a willing volunteer or two, as well as some general landscape and maybe even street. I want to start teaching myself more about the camera, so I have a better overall understanding of how it all works together.

Hopefully through the starting of this blog I can help myself be a bit more accountable with two of the three (the ‘food’ and ‘fitness’ bits) by putting myself out there for any who feel like reading. Maybe if there are a few more eyes on me I am more likely to behave and get done those things that I know I sometimes put off.

I am crossing my fingers and hoping to be able to post regularly on this blog, regardless of success or views or readers.

In the end I am really doing this for ME, so it doesn’t really matter who looks or comments.

I just hope that FOR me I can keep it up!


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